The world is using social media in overwhelming numbers, with the share of marketing budget spent on social engagement expected to more than double by 2025.

Reach an ever-growing audience of in-market consumers with relevant and creative ads across all social media platforms.

Aldis Group will create a strong social media strategy for your brand that will not only ensure you'll reach the right audience with compelling content, but will also provide a wealth of data on your campaign's performance. We'll use direct feedback from your prospects to turn insight into action. Increase user engagement with highly effective, custom video ads.

Our strategy will help you benefit from the power of Facebook and Instagram, which now influences 52% of consumers' online and offline purchases.

Social Media Influencers & Athlete Network

If your product or service would benefit from a positive association with influencers, we will utilize relationships with individuals whose large social audiences match closely with your target audience. Aldis Group has relationships with professional athletes from many sporting disciplines to further enhance your social media campaigns and create or lift brand awareness.

We will carefully select platforms where you want to reach your target audience and where the influencers have a strong presence. The goal is to connect with influencers who have positive opinions of your brand, so that their recommendations are seamless and organic, and likely to be acted upon by their followers.

Are you in it just to gain likes or follows? Or to increase your brands reach and win new customers?

What are you in it for?

  • "Find new customers"
  • Generate more leads
  • Retain my current customer base
  • Re-brand
  • Extend my reach in a certain geography
  • Conquest my competition
  • Launch a new product