The word "own-able" gets thrown around a lot but this pitch-winning idea really nails it. From hashtags, to national TV, this concept added some much needed emotion to a very dermatological brand and was big enough to introduce the baby and men's line as well. Cetaphil saw immediate, double-digit growth after the campaign launched.

1800 Tequila

This 360° campaign used Sopranos tough guy Michael Imperioli to insult, interrogate and savagely de-position Patron in various ways and mediums. Sales of 1800 Silver increased by 41.6% after this launch.


This high-end campaign highlighted how every detail of Lufthansa First Class has been engineered to keep passengers refreshed, relaxed and focused. In a category where everybody was bragging about over-the-top amenities, this effort showed how a strong consumer-focus could win.


The Toy Box Sessions was an integrated, digital pilot program created to help modernize this classic brand. Each video session featured an up-and-coming band using only Fisher-Price toys to recreate one of their songs.

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